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Education: Master of Science, Computer Science (MCS) Texas A&M University, College Station, TX Focus: Intelligent User Interfaces (IUI), Human-centered Systems GPA: 3.8 Graduation: August 2018 Bachelors of Science, Computer Science Belmont University, Nashville, TN Graduation: May 2013 Minor: Mathematics Research: Graduate Research Assistant,   September 2014 – Present Texas A&M University, College Station, TX Conducted heterogeneous data management, analysis, and visualization research under advisor Dr. Frank Shipman. Summer Research Intern,   June 2012 – August 2012 University of South Florida, Tampa, FL. Performed research under Oscar D. Lara and Dr. Miguel Labrador on human activity recognition using wearable sensors connected to an Android-enabled device via Bluetooth. Collected and analyzed data in an effort to find effective methods for differentiating between common human activities using personal vital signs and accelerometer data. The research was funded by NSF for the summer REU program. Undergraduate Researcher,   August 2011 – May 2012 Belmont University, Nashville, TN Conducted research under the guidance of Dr. William H. Hooper to explore effective search strategies for a variation on the classic fifteen puzzle. Explored heuristics based on those successful for the fifteen puzzle using the A* search algorithm implemented in Java. Publications/Presentations: U. Karadkar, K. Wickett, R. Furuta, M. Parikh, J. Sheehy, M. Reddy and J. Tzou. Computationally Supported Collection-level Descriptions in Large Heterogeneous Metadata Aggregations. JCDL 2015: Fifteenth ACM/IEEE Conference on Digital Libraries. June 2015. (Poster) Hemphill, Colin and Joshua Sheehy. Finding Effective Strategies for the TwoBik Puzzle. Proceedings of the 50th Annual Southeast Regional Conference. ACM, New York, NY, USA. 53- 58. 2012. (Presented March 2012) Teaching/Mentoring Experience: Graduate Teaching Fellow: CSCE 111: Introduction to Computer Science Concepts and Programming   Spring 2016 Memberships Graduate Student Member, Texas A&M Academy for Future Faculty   Spring 2016 - Spring 2018 Skills and Qualifications: Programming Languages – Java, C#/Unity, Python, Android, Max/MSP, Arduino, Processing, HTML/CSS/JS Media Production tools – Ableton Live 10 Suite, Traktor Pro 2, Adobe Audition/ Photoshop/Premiere -- Please email me for a complete CV. Contact: joshua (dot) c (dot) sheehy (at) gmail (dot) com Copyright: Joshua Sheehy 2018