personal projects and musings

Track Practice

track practice live NYE 2019. image courtesy of Colin Hemphill

electronic folk solo project.


160(dot)solutions performance using schwayflower for visuals. image courtesy of Austin Dubois.

Schwayflower is an audiovisual toolkit built in Unity by the members of for use in their local A/V shows. It incorporates tools for sound-reactive visuals such as automatic beat and bpm detection, scene and shader loading/lerping, and a custom pipelining tool named kamaji, which aims to simplify and unify the workflow for building sound-reactive Unity scenes for a variety of contexts.


di-alogue art installation

di-alogue is an art installation that explores links and tensions between the digital and analog worlds, a reflection upon the role of destruction in the creative process. It received the Best Installation award at Texas A&M University's Viz-a-gogo 23 . di-alogue was built using Arduino, Ableton Live 9, and Max For Live (Live Suite's integrated version of the Max/MSP/Jitter environment).

volunteer & freelance work

Daily Morning & Evening Prayer

i don't know. it's a picture of grass.

Adaptive daily prayer page for The Church of the Incarnation BCS. Backend and frontend developer.