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These are my personal projects and musings.



visuals by morgan jenks

A/V performance // mashups // dj mixes // eclectic energy at all bpms.

Track Practice

Solo project // self-reflective, folktronic psalms.


Dynamic duo // Almost a Real Band ® // nerdy, introspective geektronica.



Schwayflower is an audiovisual toolkit built in Unity by the members of for use in their local A/V shows. It incorporates tools for sound-reactive visuals such as automatic beat and bpm detection, scene and shader loading/lerping, and a custom pipelining tool named kamaji, which aims to simplify and unify the workflow for building sound-reactive Unity scenes for a variety of contexts.


di-alogue is an art installation that explores links and tensions between the digital and analog worlds, a reflection upon the role of destruction in the creative process. It received the Best Installation award at Texas A&M University's Viz-a-gogo 23 . di-alogue was built using Arduino, Ableton Live 9, and Max For Live (Live Suite's integrated version of the Max/MSP/Jitter environment).

toy problems

toy problem: n.
[AI] A deliberately oversimplified case of a challenging problem used to investigate, prototype, or test algorithms for a real problem.

toy problems is an exploration of childlike wonder undertaken at a time when much of my life was dictated by chronic illnesses. Using a smartphone as a camera and having zero videography experience, I set out to create music videos to covers of songs I performed on cheap/toy instruments when days seemed their worst. While the project involved six songs in total, with many more planned, the three displayed here are considered the canonical and final works for the series. Each is dear to me and, though the compositions and words are not my own, reflects a very real time in my life. They have been remastered from their original renders and formatted to fit your screen. As each portrays a rendition of a cover song, please support the original artists.

My Girlfriend's Boyfriend

Originally by Her Space Holiday

I Wanna Get Better

Originally by Bleachers

Making Breakfast

Originally by Twin Peaks

Max For Live (M4L) Devices

Max for Live is an embedded/extended version of the Max/MSP/Jitter environment by Cycling 74 integrated into the Ableton Live Digital Audio Workstation (DAW). The patches shown here are custom tools for use within Ableton Live Suite 9/10. Since the release of Live 10, some of these tools can now easily be done with built-in racks in Ableton.

HF Limiter

A revamped standalone version of the high frequency limiter from the De-esstroyer patch.


Based on stereo chorus guitar pedals, Thickener duplicates hard left and right copies of a signal and applies independent pitch modulation (drift) to each for a thick, chorused sound.

Basic Chorus

A simple, no frills added chorusing effect.


A custom de-esser inspired by Empirical Labs's Derresser.


A simple utility for live performance contexts that maps a single device parameter to an instance of autopress. Holding down a button press on the +/- will cause repeated increments of the mapped parameter.

Keyspeed M4L:

M4L port of keyspeed to calculate exact tempo/semitone shifts. Intended for globally adjusting Live's tempo on the fly.

Automation of keyspeed by autopress


Monitor and adjust the width of frequencies (typically bass) below a frequency threshold.


Double a mono source with a single button with parameters for L/R offset and width control. Phasescope visualization shown active.

Arduino M4L:

Allows message passing to an Arduino running a custom version of the ArduinoMax_InOut_forDummies file. Created for use in di-alogue. Note: Ableton has since released an official M4L device for interfacing with an Arduino in their Connection Kit package.

Gamepad Mapper:

Map arbitrary gamepad (e.g. XBox360) controller to midi actions in Ableton

Time Controller:

Based on TEMPO 2, automates tempo and time signature shifts using simple ramping envelopes.


Daily Morning & Evening Prayer

Adaptive daily prayer page for The Church of the Incarnation BCS. Backend and frontend developer.

Roll Reversal

Chillenium 2017 Student Game Jam entry. Served as programmer and audio-engineer on team of three.


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